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Data confidentiality

This provision applies to this site and not necessarily to other 1818 websites on the World Wide Web. Consulting and using this page signifies that you accept these rules.

Data collection

1818 agrees to keep the identity of the visitors to its website confidential. 1818 may provide general statistics and information about its customers, sales, models, data transfers and other information related to the site to reputable third parties. These statistics and general information will not include information that allows the identification of users.


1818 may collect personal information such as your name, address, email address and telephone numbers. 1818 may use this information to answer your requests or contact you by mail, email or telephone in order to keep you informed of new features offered by 1818. Hereby, you also grant 1818 the right to exchange any of the information that you have shared for the purposes cited above with other enterprises related to 1818. In addition to the personal information that you have provided us, this page may use technology that can collect certain technical information such as your IP address, your computer’s operating system, your Web browser, access model, and other related website addresses.


The transfer of personal information by personal means or by telephone or Internet always carries a risk, and no technology system is completely guaranteed against improper use or sabotage. 1818 has taken the appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorized access to your personal information, as well as the improper use or abuse of this information.

Accuracy of collected data

1818 may, on its own or at your request, complete, correct, or delete any information that is incomplete, incorrect or outdated that has been recorded by 1818 as part of operating this page.


1818 may change these provisions, or change or cancel access to this site or its content at any time, with or without notice.

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